In your own words...

a selection of messages sent to elected officials in congress  

Please value the work that goes into raising our future by supporting universal Childcare, paid family leave, and remember the invisible labor of caregivers.
Women set themselves aside daily for the benefit of their families but to the detriment of themselves.
Care-giving work is an essential part of our society. By adding a monetary value to the work, our work is no longer invisible and is respected. Please value the work and it’ll trickle into a healthier society for all.
I have stepped away from a flourishing career to ensure that my child and family are taken care of to another full-time career with exponentially less challenge. My options are limited to specific roles and specific hours, which limits my ability to make a truly living wage. I work side-jobs and part-time to bridge this gap and fully expect to never be able to reach my full workplace potential, due to restrictive policies.
Because of the pressure of patriarchy, I reported very conservative estimates of my time. Those who labor at caring for our future (if indeed, children are the future) should be cared for by the community. Other developed nations understand this. I implore you to rise beyond the status of politician to that of villager, because that is after all what it takes to raise a child. Support paid family leave, universal child healthcare, and robust public school systems so that we can all look forward to a brighter future.
Household work is valuable and deserves a higher value placed on it by society. The best and most effective way to send that message is through legislation overhaul, preferably in the forms of state-provided childcare and health care, paid parental leave, and fair regulations for paid sick and vacation time.
I know my value. It’s time our elected representatives operated like they know it too.
I wonder how anyone in our government would get by on the under-$20,000 per year that I live on...
It’s hard to put a value on work that is most important to the world we live in but Universal Child Care and Paid Family Leave is a good start. Be the change.
I used to work a full-time job. I was a professional who contributed positively to society. I had to leave this job bc child care was too expensive and my partner had the better paying job. I now contribute to positively contribute to society in on of the most important ways possible. Isn’t it sad that our society put a value of ZERO on the most important job!?!