Help Bill the Patriarchy Glow Up

The Bill the Patriarchy Glow up is powerful because it’s not my story, it’s over 3,000 people who have put hundreds of thousands of hours and self-reported nearly 500 MIL in lost wages.

When I think about what it will take for people to value domestic work and the changes that need to happen, I know that it means making big strategic moves and connecting with people who are already in the trenches doing this work. There are 11 million stay at home parents in America, 10 million of which are women. [PEW Research] In order to reach these millions of people who haven’t heard of this yet, and to put the data we have to use, I’m looking for a partner.

So far I have heard from brilliant statisticians, policy makers, hackers and creative technologists, community organizers and guerrilla marketers who are ready to be a part of this. But I’m looking for that person to help me see it from above and put all the pieces together. Women should be paid for their work, so this would be a paid position and I will be raising money this spring for this purpose. But I want to start having these conversations now.

The Dream

I’d love to continue to focus on ways to make domestic work more visible and tell the stories of the people who fuel the economy with their care work. But to get the message to more people, I’m looking for an experienced operator to help me fundraise, strategize and plan for the future.

Maybe you have a few years under your belt working in marketing, policy, consulting, organizing or non-profit work. You are motivated by the potential of the and can already think of five opportunities on the table to raise more funding, get more viewers or engage a new audience. You are a strategic thinker, who will propose concrete ways that we can actually make an impact. You will lead strategies on how to put resources to work.  Does this sound like you? Does this person exists? If so please get in touch.

Making care work more visible.