These are some of the movements, people and resources which have helped shape and inform this project. 



I've partnered with Civic Shout, an amazing advocacy tool , to allow all quiz respondents to send a message to their elected representatives in Congress. The best part it is the messages are sent by fax! (my chosen form of communication with the outdated patriarchy)


Call your Girlfriend Podcast

At the end of my interview on the  Call Your Girlfriend podcast, Ann Friedman, asked me for a call to action. She had this utopian vision of everyone faxing the government for their unpaid hours of emotional labor. It occurred to me that I could really easily build a tool to help other women do what I was doing, just without the painting part.


The Women's MaRCH

I began keeping track of my time as a new mother after the 2017 Women's March.  After Trump was elected, I felt this really strong drive to make sure that every single day I really lived my values. Like, it’s not enough to just care about art, and women and feminism anymore. I really wanted to turn those values into a verb. That’s where my recent series of work was born.I saw many inspiring versions of this at the Women's March, and felt moved to change my practice to stand up for women's rights. 

Women and the subversion of the community

There is a long history of wages for women's work. Thank you to my dear friend and owner of Manu Kidswear for sharing this pamphlet with me, which I am now sharing with you from Pétroleuse Press.

"We must discover forms of struggle which immediately break the whole structure of domestic work, reject- ing it absolutely, rejecting our role as housewives and the home as the ghetto of our existence, since the problem is not only to stop doing this work, but to smash the entire role of housewife." -Mariarosa Della Costa & Selma James


Alizah Salario  dives into  quantifying emotional labor in this 2015 Billfold article. 

"No one asked me to anticipate when we’ll need more toilet paper and find out which store has the best deal on an economy pack, either. My emotional labor is automatic, a kind of compulsion no different than brushing my teeth or checking prices before I purchase. Emotional labor is so intrinsic to how I function, so entangled with with physical and intellectual labor that it seems petty to itemize it a la carte, like when restaurants charge for extra dressing. Still, I’m going to try and parse it, because I’m curious: How much is my emotional labor worth?"

AN Artist Residency in Motherhood

Artist Lenka Clayton has built a wonderful and thriving international community of artist-mothers. This project would not have come to light without her support and excellent mentorship program which I HIGHLY recommend if you are a mother and feel stuck in your creative practice.  

A self-directed, open-source artist residency to empower and inspire artists who are also mothers.