Call Your Girlfriend

On March 16, 2018 Patti Maciesz spoke to Ann Friedman about her Invoicing the Patriarchy project. The interview inspired the creation and brought national attention to Maciesz’s work.


The Lily by the Washington Post

by Torey Van Oot

“Maciesz’s project, which has since grown into a site called, highlights a major issue in wage and work inequality that is often under-acknowledged in discussions around equal pay: Despite progress, the bulk of “free” labor that keeps families and communities running smoothly continues to fall on women.”


What to Expect

by Dylan Campbell

“I wanted to  scream, 'I AM WORKING, DO YOU NOT SEE?'” she told What to Expect via email. “It made me wonder: Do men know how hard pregnancy, birth and motherhood is? I began to realize they don’t and they run things, and that is actually terrifying.”


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The Common Reader

By Michaella A. Thornton

“People may think of what I’m doing is asking for handouts, but it’s not,” Maciesz said. “I’m asking for pay. I truly believe that once we know, truly know, our value we will not work for free.”